Timeless Grandeur


Today, the Inn serves as a reminder of Rochester’s broad history, and celebrates the journey this city has taken by standing tall every day. With all that has changed over the decades, locals and visitors alike can all say they have run their eyes along the cornices, danced their fingers on the bannisters, and celebrated their joys and successes with loved ones in this breathtaking venue. With patrons like you, and with the efforts of our hard-working, dedicated team, we will ensure the Inn on Broadway remains an institution for generations to come.

To Our Guests:

We strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. Our philosophy of hospitality is to ensure every need is met, and that you leave having had your cup filled to the brim. Over the years, this historic place has been home to countless celebrations and events, weekend getaways, life-changing opportunities, and laughter with old friends. These stories – your stories – are what have made this into more than just a building or a restaurant. Let us write your next chapters with you; we would love to host your weddings, gatherings, and professional events here in one of our many beautiful spaces.

To our quality:

As the premier steakhouse in Upstate New York, we only offer the highest quality products available to our guests. We get to know our farmers and purveyors well, in order to ensure our values of integrity and sustainability are upheld at every step of the process. We butcher every primal by hand, and can proudly claim we are one of just a few restaurants in the entire state to dry-age their steaks on-premise. Pair that with an extensive award-winning wine list and incredible seasonal preparations from our kitchen, and you’ve got the recipe for an extravagant night on the town. Because of our unrelenting standards in choosing what we put on the table, we can confidently offer more than a meal – we can give you an experience.
To Our Staff:

Hospitality starts with grace, commitment and a lot of hard work.It pours out of leaders like executive chef José Alicea, and builds momentum as it trickles down the ranks to our entry-level positions. Knowing this, we work daily to offer an environment for our team to learn, grow, and flourish as they develop themselves and their careers. None of what we do is possible without each and every member of this team putting forth their best effort; thus, we pledge to treat them with respect and care every step of the way, and to compensate them fairly while nourishing their professional and personal aspirations.